Tuition Agreement

Agreement between TranzMed Ltd and the applicant for the provision of tuition services by TranzMed Ltd to the student.

The applicant is the student or, if the student is aged under 18, the parent of ("the student").

1. The Services and the Fee
1.1 TranzMed Ltd shall provide tuition services to the student in return for a course fee specified in the shopping cart comprising :
  • MTCP Stage One US$1699
  • MTCP Stage Two US$1985
  • MTCP Full Course US$3550.
1.2 The tuition services shall include:
(a) Up to 45 weeks of full-time tuition (or 90 weeks of part-time tuition) in medical transcription depending upon the duration of the chosen program:
MTCP Stage One up to 12 weeks full-time (24 weeks part-time)
MTCP Stage Two up to 33 weeks full-time (66 weeks part-time)
MTCP Full course up to 45 weeks full-time (90 weeks part-time)
(b) A one year subscription to the BenchMark KB, SpeedType Word Expander software licensed to the student;
(c) Facilitate support during each block of the course providing relevant feedback to the student;
(d) Assistance with setup at the commencement of the course;
(e) Advice and assistance with participation in the practicum if required;
(f) On-line accessible study notes, quizzes and dictations;

1.3 The applicant shall pay TranzMed Ltd the tuition fee in the manner agreed to by the parties.

2. Obligations of TranzMed Ltd
2.1 Upon successful completion by the student of the MTCP program TranzMed shall:
(a) Provide the student with a certificate of completion;
(b) Provide the student with a one year student membership of AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity), the US national organization.

3. Obligations of the applicant
3.1 The student shall supply the textbooks, equipment and minimum hardware and software requirements listed in Schedule 1 for completion of the educational program.

3.2 The student shall comply with the rules and the policies of TranzMed Ltd and with the reasonable instructions of the facilitators of TranzMed Ltd.

3.3 Since this is an intense program the student will arrange dedicated time on a daily and weekly basis committed to the educational program. Estimated commitment time per week for full-time study is 30-40 hours.

3.4 The student shall be required to provide TranzMed Ltd with feedback regarding the program as reasonably required and not less than at the end of each block. The student may submit feedback to TranzMed Ltd regarding any concerns or suggestions at any time.

4. Limitations of Liability
4.1 In no event shall TranzMed Ltd’s liability in relation to the supply of tuition services to the student exceed an amount equal to the amount of tuition fees paid by the applicant for the provision of the services in respect of which liability arises.

5. Termination
5.1 Either party may terminate this agreement at any time upon 21 days written notice given to the other party. If the agreement is terminated the refunds policy set out in Schedule 1 shall apply.

6. Miscellaneous
6.1 Neither party is liable to the other for failing to meet its obligations under this agreement to the extent that the failure was caused by an act of God or other circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

6.2 Notices given under this agreement must be in writing and may be by letter, facsimile or email given to the addresses, facsimile numbers or email addresses set out in the application form. Such a notice sent to TranzMed Limited will be effective upon receipt by TranzMed Limited, or, if received by TranzMed Limited on a weekend or public holiday, effective on the next succeeding business day. Such a notice sent by TranzMed Limited, in the case of a letter, shall be deemed to be given or made at the time at which the notice would have been delivered in the ordinary course of post in the absence of evidence to the contrary, or, in the case of facsimile or email, when its transmission is confirmed to TranzMed Limited as complete.

6.3 TranzMed Ltd does not offer placement services following completion of the course but will notify potential employers of the student’s availability.

6.4 Personal information of the applicant and/or student collected or held by TranzMed Ltd is provided and may be held, used and disclosed to enable TranzMed Ltd to process the application for tuition, provide tuition to the student, provide to the student and/or the applicant advice or information concerning products and services TranzMed Ltd believes may be of interest to the student and/or the applicant and to enable TranzMed Ltd to communicate with the student and/or the applicant for any purpose.

7. Entire Agreement
7.1 This agreement contains all the terms, representations and warranties made between the parties and supersedes all prior discussions and agreements covering the subject matter of this agreement.


I have read and understood the terms set out in this agreement including the attached schedules and agree to them.

Schedule 1
Refunds Policy for Students
1 Payment of Fees
1.1 Fees are payable on acceptance of the “Offer of Place” and upon signing this agreement or clicking 'I accept' in the payment cart on this website.

1.2 All fees must be paid prior to the start of the course.

2 Student withdrawal from the course:
2.1 A non-refundable registration fee is charged for enrolment applications to cover the cost of processing enrolments.

2.2 In order to be eligible for any refund the student (or parent or legal guardian if the student is under 18 years of age) who wishes to withdraw must notify TranzMed Limited in writing. Such written notification may be by letter, fax or email and will be effective upon receipt by TranzMed Limited, or, if received by TranzMed Limited on a weekend or public holiday, effective on the next succeeding business day. Fees will be refunded as follows:

(a) Withdrawal before your course starting date:
TranzMed Limited will refund all fees, except for your registration fee. Offer of place documents must be returned to TranzMed Limited so that the refund can be processed.

(b) Withdrawal after your course has started:
TranzMed Limited will refund fees from the effective date of receipt of your withdrawal notification as follows:

• If a student withdraws within the first seven days of the course, 15% of the tuition fee is retained by TranzMed Ltd to cover administration costs. The balance of 85% of the tuition fee is refunded to the student.
• If the student withdraws from the eighth day of the course onwards, no refund will be issued.
• Course fees will not be refunded for student withdrawals after the ninth (9th) day from the start of the course.

2.3 TranzMed Limited retains the right to vary or waive this policy in extenuating circumstances.

3 Course cancellation by TranzMed Limited
3.1 If the course is cancelled within the first eight days of the course start date fees will be refunded in full.

3.2 If the course is cancelled after the first eight days, i.e. from the ninth (9th) day onwards, fees will be refunded on a pro rata basis.

4 Refunds
4.1 In the event of a refund being due for any of the above situations, TranzMed Limited must be reimbursed for any fees, which have been paid or incurred by TranzMed Limited to other representatives. Where TranzMed Limited refunds the course fees, the cost of any additional services that were completed prior to withdrawal will be deducted from the refund.

5 Payment of Refunds
5.1 Refunds will be made by bank draft in US dollars (US$). The bank draft will be made out to the person from whom the fees were originally received and sent to that person’s home country address, unless other arrangements have been approved.

6 No refunds will be made:
6.1 where students are asked to leave TranzMed Limited because of poor attendance or for any other reason.

Required Books/Software/Resources
Publisher ISBN 08/2008
The Language of Medicine by Chabner Elsevier 978-1-4160-3492-6
Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary (Book) Elsevier 978-1-4160-2364-7
Gray’s Anatomy (or similar in-depth anatomy textbook) Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins 0-517-22365-1
Stedmans Electronic Spell Checker (Software)
Webster’s Dictionary (or similar collegiate level dictionary)

Additional Recommended Resources to add to the Benchmark Knowledge Base (supplied with the course)
  • Stedman’s Dermatology & Immunology Words Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins
  • Stedman’s Emergency Medicine Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins
  • Stedman’s Endocrinology Words Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins
  • Stedman’s GI & GU Words Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins
  • Stedman’s Medical and Surgical Equipment Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins
  • Stedman’s Neurology & Neurosurgery Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins
  • Stedman’s Organisms & Infectious Disease Words Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins
  • Stedman’s Pathology & Lab Medicine Words Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins
  • Stedman’s Plastic Surgery/ENT/Dentistry Words
  • Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins
  • Stedman’s Psychiatry Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins
  • Stedman’s Radiology Words Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins
  • Stedman’s Surgery Words Lippincott,Williams & Wilkins