We encourage all our students to continue with your study once you have achieved your MTCP - with experience and education working in tandem, you can have your skills formally recognised and enjoy a wonderful future in this exciting career. 

More about the AHDI Credentials & Fellowship Designation

To ensure that medical transcriptionists meet professional standards of excellence, the AHDI awards two voluntary credentials and one designation. These are the Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) and the Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) and the AHDI Fellow.

Medical transcriptionists who are recent graduates of Tranzmed's Medical Transcription Certificate Program may become a registered RMT. The RMT credential is awarded upon successfully passing the AHDI level 1 registered medical transcription exam.

Following this, the CMT designation requires at least 2 years of acute care experience working in multiple specialty surgery areas using different format, report, and dictation types. Candidates also must earn a passing score on a certification examination. Because medicine is constantly evolving, medical transcriptionists are encouraged to update their skills regularly. CMTs must earn continuing education credits every 3 years to be recertified. As in many other fields, certification is recognized as a sign of competence.

AHDI also offers a designation as an AHDI Fellow (AHDI-F).  Being a fellow of AHDI is an honor. It signifies that you have achieved a balance of successful activities in your profession that goes beyond regular transcription practice. The AHDI Board of Directors has adopted a set of criteria that AHDI Individual Professional members must meet to earn the designation of Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity Fellow (AHDI-F). The criteria strengthen the fellowship designation, enhancing its prestige and value to those who earn the right to use the AHDI-F title.