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Train with us online and graduate with a Medical Transcription Certificate, the perfect stepping stone to a lifetime career that is flexible, portable and well paid.

Why TranzMed Training Could be Right For You...

Tranzmed work from homeIndustry crying out for qualified help

There is currently a national and international shortage of trained, medical transcriptionists.

If you want to work in a career where demand exceeds supply and you can type at least 45 words per minute, have an interest / experience in the health industry, and good listening and computer skills, this could be the ideal career for you.

Tranzmed Medical TranscriptionistCourses to suit you and your lifestyle

TranzMed’s online Medical Transcription Certificate Program (MTCP) is a practical course, designed to help you achieve your career objectives.

Enjoy studying at your own pace, at your own place, all the while fully supported by a facilitator.

Do you have what it takes for a medical transcription career?

We've found that candidates best suited to this career have some specific skills and characteristics.

Because we want to ensure the very best chance of success for you, we've designed a short two-step pre-enrollment process to help assess your suitability for the course.

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Get your tools of the trade right here

You can get all the transcriptionist equipment you need to begin your career, right here online.

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Student Feedback

The MT training course has changed my life! My children are at school, I live on a farm and I don’t drive so this was a perfect way for me to learn online. I had no medical knowledge beforehand but the course notes were easy to understand and the facilitator was very helpful. I made a great career choice. I am now employed at home doing a job that I love!

Mary Ann

The course is very intensive but I'd have to say it's one of the best I’ve come across. The curriculum was organized to encompass virtually every aspect of medical transcription and for that I am grateful because I've run into some crazy stuff while transcribing!

Shara, TN 

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