Student Feedback

The online medical transcription course was the perfect opportunity at the perfect time for me. The benefit of being able to study online was a huge bonus as my daughter was ten weeks old when I began the course. This gave me the opportunity to study around my daughter's ever changing schedule.

Shortly after graduating I was given the opportunity to begin as an intern for a local organization. This has also allowed me to work from home and remain flexible as a single mom. In this economic climate there are very few chances to find a career path that allows you to work around your lifestyle.


The MT training course has changed my life! My children are at school, I live on a farm and I don’t drive so this was a perfect way for me to learn online. I had no medical knowledge beforehand but the course notes were easy to understand and the facilitator was very helpful. I made a great career choice. I am now employed at home doing a job that I love!

Mary Ann

The course is very intensive, but one of the best I’ve encountered. The curriculum was organised to encompass virtually every aspect of medical transcription and for that I am grateful, because I have run into some crazy stuff while transcribing!

Shara, TN

This course is excellent. It offers very in-depth knowledge in grammar, anatomy, medical terminology and word building, drug terminology, appropriate abbreviations for medical terms and drug dosages, etc.  Not only did it offer me the knowledge I needed in order to excel as a transcriptionist but along with this knowledge I gained the confidence I needed to go out and market myself as a transcriptionist to physicians.

Renee, TN

It had been over 30 years since I had been a student, but with this program we were not only provided with an abundance of information, but also some great reinforcement material. From grammar to medical terminology to actual transcription, the course had it all. Each week we were given actual dictations to transcribe and the experience was invaluable. Plus, not only is the coursework provided via internet, if you choose, your entire career can be in the comfort of your own home.

Mary, OH

I am thankful for the schooling I received enabling me to work in the medical transcription field.  I have transcribed for 1 year now, 9 months of this from my home.  I really am enjoying what I do and feel I am making an important contribution to the medical profession.  The course taught me good foundational skills to build on in my career.

Brenda, TN

The Medical Transcription program prepared me well for seeking employment after graduation and landing my first job. I sent resumes and cover letters to companies who would take a satellite internet connection as I am limited to such and I was offered a job by 4 companies whose tests I had passed. This is a testament to the excellence of the program and my instructor.  They gave me the materials, knowledge, and experience I needed to make it in the real world.

Kecia, KY

Strengths of the course . . .

• "Prompt support from our facilitator"

• "Giving lots of extra transcriptions, good readable notes"

• "In–depth theory"

• "Up to 3 resits available on most tests (except finals)"