What is your withdrawal/refund policy?

A non-refundable deposit is charged for enrollment applications to cover the cost of processing.

If a student withdraws within the first seven days of the course, 15% of the course fee is retained by TranzMed Ltd to cover administration costs. The balance of 85% of the course fee is refunded to the student.

If the student withdraws from the eighth day of the course onwards, no refund will be issued.

Withdrawals must be advised in writing to TranzMed Ltd and the date that the written notification is received by TranzMed Ltd is the date that the withdrawal becomes effective and is the date that will be used to calculate any refund which may be due. Written notification by email or fax is accepted and the date of receipt of such notification shall be the first business day after which it is received if received on a weekend or public holiday.

The directors retain the right to vary or waive this policy in extenuating circumstances.