What course materials do I need?

In addition to course material supplied with your enrollment, you will need to purchase:
  • text and reference books (as shown below) - please check the publication dates to ensure that you have the correct versions of these materials.
  • a transcribing pedal, software and a headset.
  • These materials will be used daily in your new career as a medical transcriptionist. You can purchase some of these items through this site.

Book List

The_Language_of_Medicine.jpg Dorlands_Illustrated_Medical_Dictionary.jpg Grays_Anatomy.jpg Stedmans_Spellchecker.gif Websters_Dictionary.jpg
The Language of Medicine, by Chabner Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary Gray's Anatomy (or similar in-depth anatomy text book) Stedman's Electronic Spell Checker (software) Webster's dictionary (or similar collegiate level dictionary)