How will I learn online?

With online study, you can study at your own pace (within specified deadlines), and at your place.

Here's how it works:

Each student receives a logon for the course website. You work with your classmates and move through the program together. The course is available to students 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and you communicate with your classmates and facilitator through the forum and internal messaging on the website.

You learn, and apply your skills and knowledge with increasing complexity as the course progresses, by reading notes and information on the website, conducting your own research using text books and/or web resources, participating in discussions using the forum (discussion board), and transcribing dictations.

Student work is assessed in a variety of ways: timed, online quizzes that are marked by the computer, forum participation, practical transcription of dictations, and essay assignments. All assessments are marked against pre-set criteria to ensure a consistent standard. Marks from each assessment undertaken count towards the final pass mark for the course.

If this sounds slightly overwhelming (particularly if you haven't studied for awhile) then please be assured that we do everything possible to make every student feel welcome and empowered - and through the pre-enrollment process, we will have already assessed your suitability for online learning and only permitted your enrollment if we were confident of your success.  Not only do we provide feedback from day one, but you also receive constructive support throughout, with regular guidance & feedback from your facilitator and you get to build on-line support networks with other students.

Take the first step - you'll be glad you did!