Curriculum Advisors

We are pleased to introduce you to our Curriculum Advisors Kathryn Martin AHDI-F & Edna Weber RHIT.  Kathy and Edna are both currently owners and partners of two successful businesses: OAK Horizons, a partner with AHDI in providing online continuing education for medical transcriptionists, and KEY Information Services, a curriculum development, consulting, and testing company.

Kathy explains the history of the curriculum's development:

"The curriculum has been developed over the last 15 years to meet the changing US industry's requirements.  The collaboration with our New Zealand connections has enabled us to expand the course content to offer a complementary Commonwealth English program.  This makes the Tranzmed course offering a truly international curriculum which is unique in our industry.”

More on Kathy Martin

Kathryn (Kathy) Martin, BS, AHDI-F has a unique history preparing her to oversee the development of the current and changing Medical Transcription training content. Kathy’s undergraduate degree is in teaching. She entered the healthcare arena in the 1980s and became involved in medical transcription in the 1990s. Kathy was a partner in a medical transcription business, has worked for a large US medical transcription service, and has served on several committees at the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), currently as the chair of the Education Alliance Steering Committee. She earned her fellow designation in 2007, and enjoys meeting today’s needs whilst preparing for changes to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

More on Edna Weber

Edna Weber, RHIT. Edna has enjoyed a distinguished involvement in the medical transcription industry. Her successful business career has included being the vice-president of a large US medical transcription company. She has been one of the owners of a successful medical transcription company and a licensed proprietary school which taught medical transcription. Currently, she is an HIM consultant working with healthcare organizations and medical transcription companies to identify areas for improvement and to manage projects which are necessary in healthcare documentation management. 

Edna also continues to assist in the content development and updating of current healthcare topics. Edna’s credentials and interest in healthcare documentation provide an important link between medical transcription and health information management.