Can I get a scholarship?

Applicants who enroll for an August, September or October 2009 intake and who meet these requirements will receive a scholarship:
Go to and complete the pre-enrollment questionnaire. (The $125 registration fee mentioned on the webpage will be waived for scholarship recipients)
Email to say that you are a scholarship applicant who has completed the pre-enrollment questionnaire and tell us a bit about yourself and why you’d like to be a medical transcripionist
3.       We will then send you a link to sit the entrance test
4.       Applicants who meet all enrolment pre-requisites, pass the entrance test and who are accepted for the programme will receive a scholarship, to a total value of $500 USD, comprising
a.        $125 registration fee waived
b.      $375 discount on tuition fees if enrolling for the full 45 week programme (i.e. not available to those enrolling in Stage One only)